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The 2011 season will be Sunday mornings. After Race Week (July 17 to August 28th) Match races will be Sunday mornings. This will allow more people to get involved. See the Schedule in the Forum.

We have 5 people who have volunteered to be on the water Umpires. The days they will be umping will be posted in the Forum. If we have enough interest we will also have Richardson Qualifier to determent who will represent LSYA in Chicago this fall. We have several dates reserved check the forum for updates.

Try to be at the club at least a half hour before the posted time especially if you are coming without a boat or need crew. All races are in the Bay as close to the club as the wind allows. Please look at the rules and other info posted in the forum so you know what is going on.

The WYC Match Racing program is open to any WYC member. There is something for every interest level and ability. For experienced Match Racers WYC has some great talent to hone your skills against. For those new to Match Racing we will do your best to teach you so you get hooked. Like most things at WYC those who have the knowledge share it and if you get something out of this program, find a way to give some back.

On the racing days we will have a course set in the bay and start every 5 minutes. Bring your VHF Radio and tune it to 68. If we get enough interest we can even do a Kattack.

The best way to stay informed is to sign up and use the Forum for YRUGL site. You will find the most up to date information on the Schedule, Drills, Events, and General Match Racing Discussions. You can even subscribe for an email when a topic you are interested in has updated information.

How good the WYC Match Racing program gets depends on the those who participate, making themselves, others and the program better.


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