"WHEREAS, Commodore S. O. Richardson, Jr., of the Toledo Yacht Club, Toledo, Ohio, donated a silver trophy to encourage match sail yacht racing between substantial yachts representing various of the Great Lakes, the first of which such races was held in Chicago, Illinois, in 1912, between Universal Rule P Class yachts; and

WHEREAS, such match racing was interrupted by World War I, following which the donor transferred the trophy to the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes pursuant to an amended deed of gift dated April 14, 1922, to encourage championship competition among the Lakes in Universal Rule R Class yachts, the first of which such events was held in 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio, and the twenty-sixth and last of which was held in 1966 at Cleveland; and

WHEREAS, with the decline of the R Class it has become advisable and in the best interests of championship yacht racing on the Great Lakes to rededicate the RICHARDSON TROPHY so as to achieve the original intention of the donor; and

WHEREAS, the donor has passed away and accordingly the power to amend the Amended Deed of Gift is vested in the Council of the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes, herein referred to as YRU,

NOW, THEREFORE, said Deed of Gift is hereby further amended to be and read as follows:

1. The name of the trophy shall be THE RICHARDSON TROPHY

2. The trophy shall be perpetual.

3. Not oftener than annually nor less than every three years the YRU shall conduct a series of three to seven races over a period not to exceed five consecutive days, substantially in accordance with the following conditions:

a. The races shall be known as the RICHARDSON GREAT LAKES CHAMPIONSHIP RACES.

b. Each Association which is a member of the YRU may select a skipper who regularly resides in its area and who is a member in good standing of any yacht club which is a member of such Association, under such standards as reasonably to select a skipper who has demonstrated championship ability in yacht racing conducted by such Association within the two years immediately preceding the races in which he/she is to compete.   Such selection must be made and notice in writing thereof mailed to the YRU, to the secretaries of the other associations, and to the host club not later than 15 days before the date of the first race of the series.   Such skipper may select as his/her crew only members who are regularly resident in the area of such Association, or who have regularly crewed for the skipper during the preceding year.

c. To the extent feasible, the races shall be held in rotation on the home waters of the various Associations who shall act as sponsors through such Association member yacht clubs which are willing to host the races and which have the requisite facilities and equipment to conduct them in accordance with international yacht racing standards.

d. The sponsoring Association acting with and through the host yacht club shall have the obligation to arrange for the use of currently competing offshore racing yachts of not less than twenty-three feet waterline length, with current measurement certificates, which shall as nearly as feasible be reasonably equivalent in hull, rig, gear and equipment, either with or without sails, under such provisions as may be acceptable to the Council of the YRU, with the intent to make available to the contestants yachts of substantial size and under such circumstances as are reasonably expected to lead to top competition.   Such yachts shall initially be assigned to the contestants in such manner as the YRU may approve and after each race shall be rotated among the contestants.   The owner of a loaned yacht or his/her representative may be aboard in all races and may act as an additional member of the crew but not as helmsman.   Neither the selection, assignment, or rotation of a yacht may be protested.

e. The YRU shall make or approve such rules and provisions as it deems desirable for the insurance of the loaned yachts, their sails and gear, for the conduct of the races and shall establish the dates between which they shall be held.   The dates and place of each series shall be communicated to all member Associations no later than May first in each year in which the races are to be held.   Except for right of way and protest rules, which shall be governed by the current International Yacht racing Rules, the decision of the YRU in any matter connected with the races shall be final.

f. Unless two or more skippers shall compete throughout and comply with the provisions made for any series of races, it shall be deemed no contest.

4. The home yacht club of the winning skipper shall have custody of the Trophy, unless the Association shall otherwise determine.   In either case, the custodian shall be responsible for delivering the Trophy in good repair to the host yacht club of the next series not later than the first day of racing.   In all cases custody shall be deemed to be on behalf of the YRU, which shall at all times retain title to the Trophy.   The YRU may require suitable bond or insurance to assure the safe maintenance and delivery of the Trophy.   The name of the winning skipper and the place and date of the series shall be engraved upon the Trophy, or its base, and medals shall be awarded to the winning skipper and his crew.

5. These amendments shall be effective as of May 1, 1967.

6. The Council of the YRU shall have the right to further amend this deed of gift."

The Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes.

By ___Carl Hilton__


E. G. Sorsoleil


At one point in the Richardson Trophy history, miniature trophies of the permanent trophy were made.   The sand casting stands about 8" tall and 8" long.   Made of sterling silver, with a thickness over 1/4", the weight of the silver is close to about 3 pounds.   The one pictured, is Harry Nye's that he won in 1967.   The lettering says, "Yacht Racing Union Challenge Cup" identical to the permanent trophy.   There are four logo's, including DRYA (Lake St. Clair), LYRA (Lake Ontario), LMYA (Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation's predecessor) and RCYA (unclear what this represents).   This leaves off three of the lakes that participate.   It is unclear why the other lake's aren't mentioned.   There were no markings to indicate when or where this trophy was made.
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