2003 Richardson Trophy -- Map, Directions, etc.

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Directions     PDF version of 2003 'Directions' (27KB)

Port Huron and Sarnia are across the St. Clair River from each other.  
Major highways go to each city.  
Each yacht club has its own Web site where you can view a detailed map of its location.

For a map to SYC, go to www.sarniayachtclub.on.ca.

For a map to PHYC, go to www.phyc.org.


Blue Water Bridge     PDF version of 2003 'Blue Water Bridge' (51 KB)

A one way trip over the bridge is US$1.75.  
Tip: have the correct change ready and you can use the automatic toll booths saving you time.

You need I.D. other than a driver's license to enter each country.  
A passport or other I.D. proving citizenship is needed.  
Typically entering the U.S. is more of an ordeal than entering Canada.  
If you are at a Port Huron hotel, you should allow one hour to cross the bridge to SYC.  
If bridge traffic is light, which is typical for a Saturday or Sunday morning, it should take you thirty minutes.

Blue Water Bridge

The Blue Water Brisge has its own Web site (www.bwba.org)
that has useful information including a Web cam and real-time traffic conditions.

Arriving at Sarnia Yacht Club     PDF version of 2003 'Arriving at Sarnia Yacht Club' (152 KB)

When you reach the SYC main gate,
go forward and then right and follow the perimeter road around the Wheel House.  
The Richardson Race office is on the second floor.  
The main club house is on the north end of the property,
this is where the awards will be presented and the Sunday afternoon barbeque.

Sarnia Yacht Club

Hotels & Lodging     PDF version of 2003 'Hotels & Lodging' (1,031 KB)

Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario are connected by the Blue Water Bridges.  
The hotels listed are very close to the bridge and within a mile or so of each yacht club.  
In Port Huron, the Thomas Edison Inn is a very nice hotel, excellent facilities but costs more than the chains.  
In Sarnia, the Drawbridge Inn has a nice warm charm and excellent facilities also.


  Port Huron Hotels

Holiday Inn Express

Ramada Limited

Fairfield Inn

Hampton Inn

Thomas Edison Inn
  Sarnia Hotels

Best Western Guildwood

Holiday Inn

Drawbridge Inn

Events Schedule     PDF version of 2003 'Events Schedule' (36 KB)


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