2000 Richardson Trophy



The Results:

Race 1 = LSYA=0      LHYA=1      I-LYA=Bye
Race 2 = LSYA=0      LHYA=Bye    I-LYA=1
Race 3 = LSYA=Bye    LHYA=0      I-LYA=1
Race 4 = LSYA=0      LHYA=1      I-LYA=Bye
Race 5 = LSYA=1      LHYA=Bye    I-LYA=0
Race 6 = No points--exceeded time limit of 45 minutes


Lake Superior Yachting Association = 1 point
Lake Huron Yachting Association = 2 points
Inter-Lake Yachting Association = 2 points (Lake Erie)
I-LYA won the trophy by virtue of the tie-breaker.


Top Right:
Hobie 33's on the race course during the event.

Top Right:
Richardson Trophy in its new home (for a year)
in North Cape Yacht Club's trophy case.

YRUGL President Rolf Krotseng speaking at the Awards Ceremony
as PRO Dave Shaffer looks on.

Bottom Left:
YRUGL President Rolf Krotseng presents the Richardson "Keeper" Trophy to winning skipper, Cliff Vaughan of North Cape Yacht Club, representing I-LYA

Bottom Right:
Winning Skipper, Cliff Vaughan with the Stinger-filled Richardson Trophy
as Chief Umpire Andrew Alberti looks on.

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