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In order to have the best chance of winning the Richardson Trophy many clubs have Match Racing events and activities.  Some with the goal 
of getting more sailors to participate in Match Racing and others for the most skilled to qualify for higher Match Racing event, local, regional and International.

This page is intended to be an information hub for Match Racing events and activities and activities throughout the Great Lakes region.  It also contains links to Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes (YRUGL) Clubs with active Match Racing programs

The Forum will have the most up to date information on Match Racing in the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes (YRUGL). You will find links and discussions about: The Rules. Basic Match Racing information. Tips for going to events. Match Racing Events around the area. And a place to post if you are interested in Crewing, Umping or Judging. If you would like to add a topic please do.

The Forum can be used by ANYONE who has an interest in Match Racing. If you follow the rules you can both read and post information to it.

If your club is a member of any of the YRUGL associations and has Match Racing site you can have it linked to this one. Space on this site is also availible if you would like to post a page. Conact the YRUGL Web Master if you wish to utilize any of the resources availible.
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