The name of this association shall be the YACHT RACING UNION OF THE GREAT LAKES.
For many years sailors on the Great Lakes have enjoyed competing against each other, both locally and on
an intersectional basis. In the past the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes has fostered and promoted
competition among the several Great Lakes Yachting Associations concentrating mainly on the use of boats
designed to the Rule as administered by U.S.Y.R.U.
The Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes is desirous of maintaining the interest in competition in racingtype
craft, but in addition will endeavor to promote Great Lakes Intersectional Competition in Offshore
Racing-Cruising type sail yachts. An example of this type of encouragement is the overseeing of the
Richardson, Bartel, and Cross series each year.
The object of the Union is to encourage and assist in the promotion of intersectional racing on the Great
Lakes. The Union will not be concerned with the various U.S.Y.R.U. cup championships, appeals of
decisions of race committees, or activities normally handled between local associations and the U.S.Y.R.U.
The Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes will maintain an Offshore Racing Committee which will serve
as a clearing house relative to ideas and requirements concerning offshore racing-type yachts. The decisions
and opinions of this committee will be made known to the member associations, and to the Offshore Racing
Committee of U.S.Y.R.U. and C.Y.A.
Section 1. The membership of the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes shall consist of Member
Associations of the United States of America and the Dominion of Canada located on the Great Lakes and
who are members of U.S.Y.R.U.
Section 2. Associations who are members of U.S.Y.R.U. located on the Great Lakes will be admitted to
membership upon invitation only, and no application for such membership may be accepted by the secretary,
nor entertained by the Executive Committee or any officer or any delegate of this Union. The Executive
Committee is charged with the duty of investigating and recommending to the delegates of member
Associations the desirability of prospective associations, and no prospective member Association may be
voted upon without prior investigation by the Executive Committee, and its endorsement and
recommendation of such prospective association to the delegates.
Prospective member associations shall be finally admitted, or admitted upon a probationary basis, only upon
the vote of two-thirds of the delegates of the member associations.
Officers and Committees
Section 1. The officers of the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes shall consist of a President, one Vice
President for each member association, one of which shall be designated as President elect, a Secretary, and
a Treasurer.
Section 2. Special officers for special duties may be appointed by the President to serve during his pleasure
or during his term of office.
Section 3. There shall be an Executive Committee which shall consist of immediate past President of the
Union, the President, the Vice Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The Executive Committee shall
be the governing body of the Union.
Section 4. Special Committees for special purposes may be appointed, dissolved, of reappointed by the
President as he shall see fit.
Section 5. All officers shall hold office from date of their election or appointment until the annual meeting of
the Union, and the election or appointment of their successors.
Section1. The President shall be the ranking Executive. He shall preside at all meetings of the Union of the
Executive Committee. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, and shall perform such other
duties as may be delegated to him by the Executive Committee. He shall enforce the provisions of this
Constitution and any By-Laws adopted pursuant thereto.
Section 2. The Secretary shall keep a true record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Union and of the
Executive Committee. He shall conduct the correspondence of the Union, and report all external
correspondence to the President. He shall notify each association of its election to membership. At the
expiration of his term of office, he shall turn over to his successor all documents, records, files, and
communications pertaining to the Union.
Section 3. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys from members and deposit the same in the
name of the Union in such banks as may be approved by the Executive Committee. He shall pay all bills
contracted by the Union, and keep as accurate statement of the Union account. He shall make a detailed
report at each annual meeting, and upon request of any special meeting, of all receipts and expenditures of
the Union and of money remaining in his hands. At the expiration of his term of office, he shall turn over to
his successor all documents, records, and funds belonging to the Union.
Section 4. The Executive Committee shall make general recommendations to the Union in matters of policy
and finance. It shall act in an advisory capacity to the President or ranking officer, and render advisory
judgements on all questions submitted by the President or ranking officer. It shall assume the initiative in
investigating the desirability of prospective member associations and report such desirability to the delegates
of member associations, at any annual or special meeting. It shall be wholly responsible for recommending
to the delegates the expulsion of member associations. It shall authorize the contracting of all bills by the
Union, and no officer of the Union may contract any bills without such authorization of the Executive
Committee. It shall notice and declare the vacancy in any office, by reason of absence of the officer, or his
incapacity or unwillingness to serve, and direct the filling of such declared vacancy in accordance with the
Constitution, or in the event of vacancies in the offices of President or Vice President, it may elect its own
presiding officer, or Chairman, from its remaining membership, and proceed, at its discretion, to fill the
vacancies in such offices by interim appointments, until the next annual meeting, or special meeting called
for the purpose of electing officers.
Section 5. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President, or ranking officer, at such time
and place as he shall designate, and as often as he may consider requisite to the efficient handling of the
affairs of the Union. Notice in writing of every such meeting shall be sent to each member of the Executive
Committee by the Secretary in ample time to enable him to attend the meeting. Absentee members may vote
by mail on questions which may be submitted to them in writing. Members so voting shall be counted as
present for the purpose of constituting a quorum.
Section 1. Each member association shall be entitled to be represented by three delegates. Such delegates of
member associations are the only persons entitled to vote at meetings of the Union. Their authority to act for
their member associations, in case of challenge, must be in writing and certified to by the secretary, or
proper officer, of such member association purporting to be represented.
Meetings and Quorums
Section 1. There shall be an annual meeting of the Union during the month of January, each year, for the
purpose of election of officers, considering organizational problems, and for the purpose of scheduling sail
yacht regattas and other boating and yachting events.
Section 2. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President, or by the Executive Committee. Any
four member associations in good standing may call a special meeting at any time by written petition
addressed to the Secretary, or to all member associations, if the office of Secretary is vacant, at least ten days
prior to the date of such meeting.
Section 3. A Quorum at any meeting of the Union shall consist of nine delegates, as representative of at least
four member associations.
Section 4. A Quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of four members, including one elected
Officer of the Union.
Order of Meetings
Section 1. At any annual meeting, the following order of business shall be observed:
A. Roll Call:
1. Delegates of member associations.
2. Past Presidents of the Union.
B. Report of the Secretary and/or reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.
C. Reports:
1. Treasurer
2. Officers
3. Committees
D. Awarding of Trophies.
E. Unfinished business.
F. Report of the Executive Committee as to the desirability of any prospective member associations.
G. Election of any recommended prospective member association.
H. Report of the Nominating Committee.
I. Election of officers.
J. New business.
K. Adjournment.
Section 2. The order at any special meeting shall follow the prescribed order of business of the annual
meeting so far as is practicable.
Section 3. All questions of procedure, not covered by this Constitution, shall be in accordance with Roberts
Nominating of Officers
Section 1. Two months previous to the date of the annual meeting, the Executive Committee shall appoint
a Nominating Committee of three members, the chairman of which normally should be the immediate Past
President. This nominating committee shall publish its report at least one month before the annual meeting
and the report shall be included in the call of the meeting.
Section 2. Officers must be elected from the recommendations of the Nominating Committee, whose duty
it is to provide one candidate for President, utilizing as far as practicable the practice of rotating such
nominations among the member associations; one Vice President from each member association; one
Secretary, and one Treasurer. The only exception to the preceding is that a name may be placed on the ballet
if presented by petition of at least twenty percent of the delegates of member associations in good standing
and is presented to the Secretary ten days before the annual meeting.
Dues and Fees
Section 1. Expenses of the Union shall be provided by the member associations, and in event of
discontinuance of this Union, each member association in good standing shall be entitled to its pro rat share
of the net assets remaining after all valid obligations of the Union shall have been met.
Section 2. Each member association shall pay an annual sum as determined by the Executive Committee.
Resignations, Expulsions, Penalties, and Discipline
Section 1. The membership of any member association of the Union may be forfeited either by voluntary
withdrawl, by disbandment, by nonpayment of dues before the next annual meeting, or by the majority vote
of all of the other member associations.
Section 2. No member association which is in arrears for any dues shall be entitled to vote at any meeting of
the Union, nor take part in the deliberations of the nominating committee, except that any Past President of
the Union, who is a member of such member association in arrears for dues, shall continue to be a member
of the Executive Committee, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
By-Laws and Rules
Section 1. The Executive Committee is authorized to make and/or amend By-Laws not inconsistent with
this Constitution and make or amend rules for its own governance, and for the Union, and fix and enforce
penalties for violation of such rules.
Section 1. This Constitution of the YAcht Racing Union of the Great Lakes may be amended or a new
Constitution made by two-thirds vote of the delegates of member associations at any meeting of the Union,
provided that the intention to amend of to make a new Constitution is declared in the notice of meeting, and
that a copy of the amendment of the new Constitution is furnished to each member association at least ten
days before such meeting.
Section 2. When such amendment, or proposal for a new Constitution, is properly put before such meeting
for consideration, it may, before final action thereon, be changed or amended by a majority vote, provided
the changes be germane to the subject covered by this amendment as proposed.
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